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Locust Crab Double Limbs Bows

New experience in archery. Innovative solution for reflex bows. Reflex bow with double arms. Reflex bow reimagined. Torsion and leaf spring in one. Is it just a double arm bow or something else?

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The opinion of Csaba Grózer, the developer and producer of the double-arm bow:

„The development goal has been to create a shorter than usual take-down reflex bow with a
unique design.

The arms’ complex movement has been an important aspect to achieve higher speed.
It gave birth to the double arm bow with a tilting reflex part at the ends.
Three different types of movements accumulate energy in this bow:

  • bending
  • turning
  • torsion-compression

There is a slight „lightening” at the end of the draw, synchronized by a tilting mechanism.
However there is not a „let-off” like on the compound bows, more like the short bending arms
don’t stiffen as much. The bow can be adjusted in the direction of the „lightening” by a little
grub-screw or changing the diameter of the castor-wheels.

The material of the arms is an X-Carbon laminate combined with a super strong glass,
stronger than the „S” glass. The X-Carbon provides full resistance to twisting, an important
feature that allowed building such an extreme bow design.

The tiller can be adjusted in the usual way at the base of the upper arm or with a small grub-
screw at the end of the lower torsion arm.
The reflex arm connects to the other 2 arms with a a dual axle hinge. The lower axle has a fix
angle while the upper one is changing its angle while drawing and releasing.

Based on my 30 years of experience as bow developer and producer I  would categorize this
bow as a reflex bow, neither compound nor any other.”

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