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Extra III. Hungarian Horn bow

  • total length: 57″
  • length between siyahs: 50″
  • length strung: 50 1/8″
  • draw weight: 35-90#
  • max. draw length: 31-32″
  • brace height: 7 1/4″

Original price was: 1.875 €.Current price is: 1.250 €.

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There may be color differences in the picture compared to reality!

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If you have any unique needs with painting or coloring, choose Additional Bow Painting!

Your right to cancel will cease if you request any unique solution for the ordered product, e.g.: unique painting, unique color, monogram, etc.

Bows are usually made from 25-70#. Bows can be made between 75-140#, but only certain models.

From 75#, there is no warranty and we do not take any responsibility for the bows. The buyer must make a written statement of this, that he acknowledges it, and we will charge a +50 EUR cost. Decorative painting is +150 EUR.

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