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Biocomposite Hungarian bow - Short 45#

  • total length: 58″
  • length between siyahs: 47″
  • length strung: 53″
  • draw weight: 45#
  • max. draw length: 30″
  • brace height: 6 5/8″


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Detailed Description

Biocomposite Laminated bows - DETAILED DESCRIPTION

This is the modern age composite bow. Practically these are also laminated bows, however the external layers are not synthetic but Biocomposite. On the face they appear like an Extra III composite horn bow with thinner reflex arms.

We may call them hybrid bows as well, because they combine the technologies of laminated and horn bows. In the past we made a similar bow called Extra II laminated, but just a simple laminated bow with a horn plate. The Biocomposite bows have the following layers: biocomposite horn, wood or bamboo core and a pressed sinew plate. There is a thin synthentic layer between the wooden core and the horn: either glass fibre or basalt. Most often glued by epoxy or some other timber industry glue in some cases. In a few cases the synthetic layer has been left out and others may have organic horn. The grip and the ears are reinforced by mostly horn or bone in some cases. The wrapping on the bow was also biocomposite sinew. Some models have leather cover and painted motifs are also available. Biocomposite bows feel smoother at full draw and have less resonance. Biocomposite bows have the most optimal characteristics and authentic external appearance.

Available skin colors for biocomposite bows:

Black - 2. Hazel - 3. Medium brown - 4. Light brown - 5. Yellow brown - 6. Burgundy red - 7. Blue - 8. Turquoise green


There may be color differences in the picture compared to reality!

If you have any unique idea about the product, you can write it in the comment section before the 'Add To Cart'.

If you have any unique needs with painting or coloring, choose Additional Bow Painting!

Your right to cancel will cease if you request any unique solution for the ordered product, e.g.: unique painting, unique color, monogram, etc.

Bows are usually made from 25-70#. Bows can be made between 75-140#, but only certain models.

From 75#, there is no warranty and we do not take any responsibility for the bows. The buyer must make a written statement of this, that he acknowledges it, and we will charge a +50 EUR cost. Decorative painting is +150 EUR.

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