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Simple Laminated bows

The inside and outside layers are made of fibreglass reinforced resin. These plates may be transparent, black or another color. The core is wood or bamboo. This way the bow is lighter than a full epoxy fibreglass bow and is also faster.

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We categorize the laminated bows according to the synthetic materials of the external and inside layers:

  • Classic
  • X Carbon
  • TRH
  • Rostwood laminated bows.

Simple laminated bows are made from fibreglass plates and wood.

X-Carbon laminated bows contain carbon layers as well. X Carbon bows are exceptionally twist resistant, and allow us to construct faster bows with lower vibration.

Fiberwood laminated bows have a nature composite core that looks like compressed wood creating a monolith core. Rostwood bows have higher weight but more accurate.

TRH bows’ inside is made from synthetic horn with a softer fibreglass on the outside. The inside and outside layers are made from different materials and have different fibre structures. These are mostly very thin layers, below 1mm thick. The glass fibre might be E, S or R glass. Carbon fibre might be aligned parallel or in 45 degrees. The thin synthetic plate might be made of one, two or three different materials, each sometimes not thicker than paper and even glued together below 1 mm. This technology provides a light and fast bows. The various combined layers increase stability, resist twisting, absorb vibration and increase speed. Mostly made up to 75# but some special material allow to build bows up to 140#. Some of the synthetic composite material are made by us others manufactured directly for us or we simply purchase them.

The colors of laminations:

Available leather colors for laminated bows:

1. Black – 2. Hazel – 3. Medium brown – 4. Light brown – 5. Yellow brown – 6. Burgundy red – 7. Blue – 8. Turquoise green

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