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I am Csaba Grózer. My bow making workshop is in Feketeerdő (meaning Black forest) a small village in Hungary. Ever since I can remember I was interested in nature, horses, birds, the ancient Asian cultures and of course the bows. I often felt the calling of some irresistible forces in my childhood. I didn’t understand what it was at the time but I did everything get closer to any horse, watch a predatory bird or experimented with making bows from various materials.

This lead to a growing interest in archery. When the children of my age already gave up with archery I was still very interested. My desire to build bows kept on growing and was also fuelled by the fact I couldn’t afford one.

I realized my place of living the Carpathian Basin was a huge repository of Eastern style recurve bows. Many different designs were present from the ancient Scythian to the later Turkish bows in throughout the different periods of history. I was amazed by the unique ingredients, grey cattle horn, various types of woods with special splicing, sinew, red deer antler, birchbark and glue made from really unique materials. I made my first functioning horn bow in 1985-86. Some of those material from animal origin could be
considered almost like Fossils. And those bows had to be stringed into the reverse direction from their original “moon shape”. These all as carriers of ancient cultures made clear my life dedication was making recurve bows. The more I experimented with making Scythian, Hun and Avar bows the more submitted myself to those powers and felt like I shifted to some magical world. Of course this magical place was nowhere else then were I lived. I was just like I saw it from a different dimension defying space and time. When I rode a horse with my bow in hand it felt like I just received back something I missed for long.

But my instinctive abilities wouldn’t have been enough to make bows. Dr. Gyula Fabian an academic researcher has been making recurve bows.

His experience and descriptions helped me a lot. Kalman Jakus was another expert, who’s work influenced me a lot. He applied really interesting solutions on his composite bows and I could later study and even obtain some of his bows. Of course I could mention a number of other experts of other fields who helped me a lot.

I started my bow making business in 1992.

Today we build a large number of bow types with various technologies. I learned many small tricks to prevent twisting or braking the wooden core. Of course I don’t make „original material bows” only but I developed the modern versions as well to meet demand from the market. Some of those modern technologies are our own development and production. Recently we created the so called Biocomposite which is an amalgam of old and new technologies and provided the most popular types. These can be produced in quantity, reducing price and making them more broadly available than horn bows, while their appearance and functionality remains like of the original. My passion for experimenting with bows didn’t change at all neither from original materials nor with modern.

I created this website so that interested parties can get to know all my products and contact me directly from anywhere in the world.

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