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Base Bows

They are very durable bows and thanks to the complex technology they are faster than the average fiberglass bow. However, they are a little heavier and slower than a laminated bow.

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Made from fibreglass and some type of resin. The „grips” and „ears” are made from wood on some models. When disassembling a base bow it may seem it was made from a single resin layer. However the core of the bow was made by soaking various fibres (often glass fibre) into resin and pressed into a template. Some further layers were added to improve stability and resistance to twisting. Most base bows get a leather cover. The string nocking points are reinforced from both sides protecting it from the wear of modern string materials. The entire bow receives a lacquer coating and also bandage on some models. Very durable bows and due to their complex technology they are faster than an average base bow. Base bows are somewhat heavier and slower than laminated bows.

Leather colors available for base bows:

Black – 2. Hazel – 3. Medium brown – 4. Light brown – 5. Yellow brown – 6. Burgundy red – 7. Blue – 8. Turquoise green

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