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Biocomposite assyrian, hungarian, hungarian short bows in stock. We will have more types of bows in stock soon as well.

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New TRH II. Laminated Indian Crab bow

Biocomposite Laminated Hungarian bow
Biocomposite Laminated Hungarian bow

We are making Laminated bows by the new TRH technology too! (Like Indian Crab-bow)

Biocomposite Bicycle see naturcomposit.com

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New speed records (you can watch them under our new Video menu):
Laminated L2 Tartar 39# bow: 210 fps
Laminated L6 Sarmatian 43# bow: 217 fps
Laminated L7 Turkish 45# bow: 226 fps
Biocomposite Assyrian 56# bow: 237 fps
Biocomposite Assyrian 61# bow: 243 fps
Hunting Recurve bow 291 fps

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The Biocomposite Laminated bow is not the same like the Extra III. Horn bow !

New laminated bows! They combine the the TRH ans laminated technology. Heathstable and not twisting. In appearance looks similar to sinew and horn but made from modern materials.
The new laminated bows are not made from the usual E-fiberglass, but from a more durable and more flexible fiber material. The appearance is made very unique.

We are looking for archers to set up a long distance shot record, who is well prepared and can handle strong bows.

We can offer the right arrows for the Biocomposite bows!

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Karabakh horses for sale!

Video on the proper stringing and setting of hornbows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVZGoAq3L5A&feature=email

New laminated bows

The middle layer is wood or bamboo layer. The inner "horn layer" is XR glass fiber or basalt fiber, the outer layer "sinew layer" is S fiberglass. The two layers inside are made from two different 0,6 mm thick layers. From this special structure comes the speed of the new laminated bows and that these are not twisting. The layers are colored, similar like the horn.

TRH Laminated bows

The structure is similar like the simple new lamininated bows, but there is a reddish brown synthetic layer on the inner "horn" side. On the outer side there is a synthetic sinew layer, or any kind of glassfiber layer. These bows are soft and fast bows, and not twisting in high temperature.

New technology.
Actually it combines the laminated, the TRH laminated, the TRH Extra II laminated bows.
And to some extent the extra III bows as well. The bows made by this technology consist of the following materials: the middle layers of wood, the inner layer of pressed horn pieces and biopolimer, while the outer layer of pressed sinew plate. These two layers are glued to the wooden plate by synthetic glue and the glued layer gets a modern fibre strengthening.
Due to these biocomposite materials and the modern technology these bows are faster then the simple laminated bows. They are appreciably soft and without any resonance when shooting.
These bows give almost the same shooting experience than a hornbow and even their appearance is similar, although the biocomposite bows are flatter.

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